Veterans Care Agreements

Veterans Care Agreements: Understanding the Benefits and Eligibility Criteria

Veterans care agreements are designed to provide medical care services to eligible veterans. These agreements are made between the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and private medical providers to offer veterans a range of healthcare services in their local communities.

The VA has several care agreements in place to cater to the diverse medical needs of veterans. The most popular care agreements include the Patient-Centered Community Care (PC3) program and the Veterans Choice Program (VCP). These programs were created to help reduce the wait times that veterans face when seeking medical care.

Benefits of Veterans Care Agreements

Under these programs, veterans can receive a variety of medical services, including primary care, mental health care, and specialty care. The VA also covers the cost of emergency medical services and urgent care services.

One of the major benefits of these agreements is that they allow veterans to receive medical care close to their homes. This is especially helpful for those living in rural areas, where accessing medical care can be difficult.

Furthermore, veterans can choose their health care providers from a list of pre-approved providers. This gives them the freedom to select providers who they feel comfortable with and who best meet their medical needs.

Eligibility Criteria for Veterans Care Agreements

To be eligible for VA care agreements, veterans must meet certain criteria. These include:

1. Enrolled in VA health care: Veterans must be enrolled in VA healthcare to be eligible for PC3 or VCP.

2. Meeting distance criteria: Veterans must be located more than 40 miles away from a VA medical facility, or they must reside in a rural area.

3. Wait time criteria: Veterans must be facing a wait time of more than 30 days for VA medical care.

4. Medical necessity: Veterans must require medical care that is not available at a VA medical facility.


If you are a veteran who is eligible for VA healthcare, you can benefit from the range of services offered by VA care agreements. These agreements are designed to provide veterans with the medical care they need, regardless of their location.

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